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Lies N’ Destruction

The Bridge Hotel, Rozelle Map
Fri 6 Sep
From $34.70

Lies N’ Destruction

Step back into the dangerous world of Guns N' Roses of the late ‘80s with Lies N’ Destruction.

This nationwide tour ignites a flame of nostalgia, meticulously recreating the raw energy and iconic soundscape of Appetite for Destruction, Guns N' Roses' landmark 1987 debut album.

Lies N’ Destruction's dedication to detail extends beyond the music, capturing the raw essence of Guns N' Roses' live performance, delivering a powerful spectacle that will transport audiences back to the golden age of hard rock. Witness the full album performed live, from the incendiary opening riffs of "Welcome to the Jungle" to the anthemic power of "Paradise City," through to the electrifying finale of "Rocket Queen." 

This explosive experience isn't just for Appetite die-hards, as Lies N’ Destruction will also be unleashing a blistering set of fan faves and killer cuts from across the Guns N' Roses albums, including Lies and Use Your Illusion I & II.
This is your chance to experience all the anthems that defined a generation of hard rock fans, a night not to miss as Lies N’ Destruction celebrate the legacy of one of music's most influential bands, Guns N’ Roses.

Don't miss this unrivalled opportunity to celebrate the music of Guns N' Roses with a tribute act dedicated to preserving its legacy. Join Lies N’ Destruction for an unforgettable night of rock and roll anthems, electrifying performances, and pure, unadulterated musical passion.

“Incredible live show, you get the total Gunners vibe from this band”
“Absolutely brilliant musicians. Every not is GNR perfect.”
“The best version of GNR since the original 5 in 1988 live at The Ritz!”
“Absolutely spot on, these guys rock!”

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