Understanding the language of plants

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Thu 23 Jun
From $65.00

Understanding the language of plants

In this fascinating half-day workshop, you will focus on the ‘language’ of leaves and foliage.

Wondrous plant adaptations such as modified flowers, colours and textures will be explored. There will also be a brief introduction to Nomenclature - the scientific naming of plants.

Understanding the language of plants begins with being able to read what adaptations the plant demonstrates.

For example, why is it silver? Why does it have large glossy leaves, or very strong veins? Where did it originate or evolve from? Is it an understory rainforest plant or a high canopy plant protecting other botanical communities?

You will learn how to make plant choices for your outdoor and indoor spaces based on their adaptations without having to wade through a mountain of information first; the plant is already telling us what it requires.

This is a paramount skill in being a confident and creative plant designer.

This workshop is designed for people who want to be confident in their plant choices when faced with a range of challenging landscape or climatic conditions.

It will suit anyone interested in helping their plants to thrive, especially home gardeners and those who work in the landscape or horticultural field.
Collaborative delivery approach
The Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium of South Australia is proud to deliver a suite of courses in collaboration with Ink Landscape Design.
Ink Landscape Design are a passionate team of award-winning professionals with unique and trans-disciplinary expertise. With experience in landscape architecture, design, education, community engagement and the arts, Ink Landscape Design works with a soft ecological footprint, offering long term solutions with minimal impact on resources and maximum benefit for all.

Presenter: Pam Gurner-Hall
Pam is a renowned plants woman having won many awards for her landscape designs. She has been delighting her clients over a long career with detailed planting plans that evolve and adapt, continuing to inspire as they age gracefully.
Pam has been an educator in horticulture and allied areas of design for 30 years. She is a well-known radio broadcaster in Adelaide, a business woman and entrepreneur.
Wheelchair accessible venue
Car parking available on-site

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