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Underground Showcase #3 feat. Rushy Reynolds, Skumb4g + PegasisFlame 

The Gov - Balcony/Gallery Map
Fri 19 Jul
From $17.30

Underground Showcase #3 feat. Rushy Reynolds, Skumb4g + PegasisFlame 

Huge Events brings an assortment of alternative Adelaide underground rappers who have amassed a large online following to showcase their refined production capabilities and unique sound.

Rushy Reynolds is a dynamic rapper hailing from a blend of Maori and Solomon Islands heritage, bringing a unique fusion of experimental trap, and emo rock to the music scene. Based in Adelaide, his music breaks boundaries and pushes the envelope, captivating audiences with his raw energy and thought-provoking lyrics. With a sound that defies genres and a style that is as bold as it is innovative, Rushy Reynolds is poised to make a significant impact in the world of hip-hop.

Skumb4g, skum of the earth with so much love in his bumbag.

PegasisFlame is an emerging alternative artist born and raised in SA. Making a name for himself in the underground music scene with his experimental sound and nostalgic aesthetic. His music draws inspiration from the early 2000s, with elements of electronic, pop, and hip-hop. 

Coming out with a unique and experimental take on the long reigning electronic trap sound, Jugowickd is ready to bring his years of experience to new listeners. Beginning as a producer at a young age, Jugo has had a long and thrilling time perfecting his craft to become what it is today, heavily inspired by the likes of Chief Keef, Bladee and Young Jeezy, as well as other artists and producers from the Atlanta trap scene. Alongside beat-making, Jugo also does vocal work, consisting of melodic vocals accompanied by boastful lyrics over energetic trap beats.

LorenzoXx’s genre-blending music takes inspiration from all facets and mediums. From Afro-beats to Shoegaze alternative rock, LorenzoXx represents the multiple avenues of inspiration that Adelaide musicians appreciate and incorporate into their art. “I put love, soul and energy into my music. There’s intention behind every song”.

Inspired by XXXTENTACION, Lil B, Ecco2k & Lucy Bedroque, Neptune’s Makeout is an artist bursting with energy, mystery and creativity. Neptune has been active within the music world as of early 2023, using his mysteriously self-constructed world ‘Neptura’ to convey his feelings and hardships throughout his life. Expressing himself mostly in an energetic and upbeat way, Neptune aspires to bring joy to others through his energy and sound.

Inspired by Lucki, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug and SouthsideSilhouette, Sauze has been lurking in the shadows of the music industry for years, going unoticed, making noise. Now with his refined vocals and a beat selection that never fails to disappoint he is finally ready for his first show.

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