Sad Sad Tim Debut EP Launch

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Fri 10 Jun
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Sad Sad Tim Debut EP Launch

Adelaide's own Sad Sad Tim is set to launch his debut EP! Songs That Need Not Exist is a collection of songs penned and performed by the Adelaide-based singer-songwriter who has been performing original music in an array of bands and under various pseudonyms for over twenty years. Songs That Need Not Exist will be launched by Sad Sad Tim and his 5 piece band on January 21st at the iconic Wheatsheaf Hotel.
Starting out in the Adelaide local scene at the turn of the century, Sad Sad Tim went on to co-found The Dairy Brothers, a band that became well-known around town for its ethos of well-crafted rock anthems, hugely entertaining live shows, and not taking itself too seriously. That band then morphed into the fiercely pro-beard propaganda-rock sensation The Beards, which saw Sad Sad Tim and his bandmates write over sixty songs about beards, gain an international cult following, travel the world on multiple international tours, receive ARIA award nominations, and score a place in Triple J's Hottest 100. During this time, Sad Sad Tim went by the name Nathaniel Beard, and became dangerously indoctrinated by the band's militant extremism.
“At one point I realised I didn't know where Nathaniel Beard ended and I began.” Recalls Sad Sad Tim of his time in The Beards.
Since The Beards disbanded in 2016, Sad Sad Tim has become de-radicalised and no longer firmly believes that people without beards should be put to death. He continues to write and perform lyric-driven songs that highlight his irreverent spirit and strong sense of fun.
The recordings that comprise Songs That Need Not Exist began in Sad Sad Tim's spare room at home during South Australia's first Covid lockdown, which prompted him to purchase an 8-track recording device in an effort to ward off boredom. A series of recordings took place throughout the lockdown, utilising only the equipment Sad Sad Tim had lying around in his Adelaide flat: A keyboard, a bass, an array of harmonicas and melodicas, and a swag of percussion instruments. Those recordings formed the basis of the tracks featured on this release, beginning with lead single 'I'm Not a Scientist', a jolly tune about our impending doom, which features a vibrant music video featuring the members of Sad Sad Tim dancing across the city in hazmat suits with not a care in the world.
Songs That Need Not Exist provides a snapshot of Sad Sad Tim's trademark combination of offbeat humour and catchy melodies, conceived and crafted amid a period of soaring global tensions, the Trump Presidency, unprecedented bushfires, an escalating climate crisis, and of course a pandemic. The result: An unexpectedly bright, raucous, jubilant collection of songs, from triumphant tunes about rummaging through your partner's handbag, to cautionary tales about not dating werewolves, Songs That Need Not Exist promises to inject a fresh dose of fun into the Australian musical landscape.
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